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    Modern, Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Restoration & Repair Services
    Modern, Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Restoration & Repair Services

For many Connecticut residents, simply having a desire to own a motorcycle is enough of a reason to go out and purchase one. Owning and riding a motorcycle is a exciting and enjoyable experience. However, there are many other advantages of owning a motorcycle beyond fulfilling your fantasy. Based in Milford, CT, Fairfield County Cycles offers motorcycle repairs, restorations, and sales services throughout the New Haven, Westport, Greenwich, New Canaan, Danbury, Hartford, as well as surrounding areas of Connecticut. In this months blog article, we discuss some of the advantages associated with owning a motorcycle.

  • Affordability and Better Fuel Efficiency. Whether you are in the market for a brand new or previously owned and restored motorbike, the costs associated with purchasing, maintaining, insuring, and fueling your motorbike will be a great deal less than that of an automobile.
  • Better for the Environment. With all the talk of global warming damages associated with carbon emissions, you will make a far less carbon imprint on the planet by riding a motorcycle.
  • Better parking spaces. Locating a spot to park is much more conveient on a motorcycle. If a lot has designated motorcycle parking areas, in most cases it will be located by the entrance of the building.

If you are considering purchasing a new motorcycle or are interested in motorcycle restorations, repairs or parts, Fairfield County Cycles are available to assist you. We offer service and repair for motorcycles, ATV, and scooters at our professionally equipped facility in Milford, Connecticut. Our trained factory motorcycle repair technicians will provide you with quality service at an affordable rate. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation or stop by or facility located at 27 Eastern Steel Rd. Milford, CT.